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Infrared forehead thermometer, with FDA approved
Model Number: FT-100A/D-5 Key Specifications/Special Features: Display range: 32°C-42.9°C/89.6°F-109.2°F Measuring accuracy (body mode): ±0.3°C (32.0-42.9°C) LCD size: 14*17.9mm Response: 1 second Memory: 10 readings Automatic powder off Illu...
Baby pacifier thermometer with FDA approved
Model Number: DT-211A/D-2 Key Specifications/Special Features: Display range: 32°C-42°C/89.6°F-107.6°F Measuring accuracy: ±0.1°C (35.5°C-42°C)±0.2°C (<35.5°C) Min. scale: 0.1°C/0.1°F LCD size: 15*6mm Response: 60 seconds Memory: last read...
Digital thermometer, 10S measurement time, waterproof
Model Number: DT-K11A/C Key Specifications/Special Features: Description: 1)Measuring range: 32.0-42.9°C2)Measuring accuracy: ±0.1°C (35.5-42.0°C)/ ±0.2 (<35.5°C, >42.0°C) 3)Min. scale: 0.1°C 4)Response: 10 seconds 5)Waterproof 6) Beeper...
60 second electronic oral thermometer with rigid tip
Model Number: DT-01A/A Brand Name: Neutral Key Specifications/Special Features: 1. Beeper alarm when peak temperature reached. (Fever alarming ≥37.5°C)2. Last reading memory display.3. Auto shut-off function. (10mins after non-use)4. Low volta...
CE & FDA approved economic digital thermometer
Model Number: DT-01E/C-2 Key Specifications/Special Features: Description: 1) Measuring range: 32.0°C-42.0°C2) Measuring accuracy: ±0.1°C (35.5°C-42.0°C)/±0.2°C(<35.5°C) 3) Min. scale: 0.1°C4) Response: 60 seconds5) Beeper function6) Memory...
Digital infrared ear & forehead thermometer with FDA approved
Model Number: ET-100G/D-8 Key Specifications/Special Features: ET-100G1) Measuring range: 32.0°C-42.9°C/89.6°F-109.2°F2) Accuracy: ±0.3°C (32.0°C-42.9°C)3) Min scale: 0.1℃4) Memory: last 10 readings5) Measuring time: 1 second6) LCD size: 23*21...
Digital thermometer
Model Number: DT-02/D-1 Key Specifications/Special Features: Display range: 32.00-43.00°C/89.60-109.40°F Measuring accuracy: ±0.1°C (35.50-42.00°C)±0.2°C (<35.50°C, >42.00°C) Min scale: 0.01°C/0.01°F LCD size: 15.5*6.5mm Response: 60 se...
Infrared Thermometer with Probe Cover
Model Number: ET-100G/C Key Specifications/Special Features: Features: ear mode and forehead mode switchable1) Measuring range: 34.0°C-44.0°C (93.2°F-111.2°F)2) Accuracy: ±0.2°C (±0.4°F)3) Min scale: 0.1°C/0.1°F4) Auto shut-off in one min afte...
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